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Why Macs are better than PC’s

Posted 21st June 2009 | 48,429 Comments

I used to be a PC guy, always was.  That is until I got a Mac Mini a little over a year ago.  It's not so much the hardware or looks of the Mac machines I like, but it's instead the stability of the software/Operating System and ease of use.  The operating system itself won me over in a matter of days.  I enjoyed working on the Mac so much, I bought an Aluminum MacBook Pro 15.4" for software development and digital image work.

The Mac OS X operating system is so intuitive and straight forward that you waste no time searching around for what you want to do.  The doc and System preferences are right there for you, and they contain everything you need to navigate the OS.

Here are just a few simple facts which make working on Mac's so much more pleasurable than PC's.

  1. Neither my Mac Mini or MacBook Pro have ever crashed.  The Mac Mini is over a year old, the MacBook Pro is a few months old.  I do not shut them down at night, they are either in standby or sleep mode.
  2. Have not experienced any viruses or malware attacks.  I regularly had problems with this on Windows PC's, even after fresh OS installs.
  3. Everything is simplified in an intuitive file structure for you.  There is no need to move files around, change directories, etc.  Things end up where you think they should.  Edit or upload a photo, it automatically puts it under your user name and Pictures directory.  Likewise with a document.  Create or edit a document in any software application, and it saves it the natural location under your user name and documents directory.
  4. Updates are quick and painless.  They download automatically in the background, and the OS provides notifications that updates are ready.  You can choose to ignore and update later, or update immediately.  Most require a reboot of the machine, which again happens automatically if you do not do it within a specific amount of time.  I have never had an update go wrong.  Unfortunately I can not say that for my many Windows machines.
  5. The computer goes to sleep when you close the lid.  Try that with your windows machine.  Sure, it may go to sleep a few times, but then you will run into the issue where it won't wake up.  Then sometimes it will fail to go to sleep.  Not on the Mac, it will go to sleep every time you request it to,  either via closing the laptop or pressing the sleep button.
  6. If you really have to run windows applications, you can use virtual machine software, such as Parallels.  This software allows you to run the full OS inside a window in your Mac OS.  You will be able to run any native windows application on your Mac, and still be protected by the underlying Mac OS.

I could go on and on, but I thought I would highlight just a few of the items which make Macs so enjoyable to compute on.  Never again will I opt to purchase a PC.

Post Title: Why Macs are better than PC’s
Author: admin
Posted: 21st June 2009
Filed As: Technology Discussion
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