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How to Make Money Online

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Many people are interested in online money making opportunities, but lack the basic knowledge required to succeed in actually making a single dollar from their ideas.  The key methods and steps for successfully starting your online money making opportunity are outlined below.  If you prefer to leave the technical work of starting up your online presence, contact Janzos Solutions and let us help you out.

  1. Web Site: Create your own web site by selecting a unique name for your URL (web site address).  You can use various companies to help you create your site, or leave the work up to web development professionals such as those at Janzos Solutions.
  2. Business Model: Determine if you want to market products, services, or both.  If you select to market products, you will need a more complex web site that includes product previews and descriptions, an e-commerce configuration to allow users to control their shopping cart, and payment services for your customers to purchase products.  Service oriented sites are much simpler, as the only requirement is a detailed description of the services you provide and several methods for your potential customers to contact you.
  3. Advertise: You can use advertising to your advantage in multiple ways.  The two primary reasons for advertising are to drive traffic to your site to increase your customer base, and make money off of advertising other sites and products.  Google AdWords and Google AdSense are excellent programs to help you define and market keywords around your site, as well as providing simple solutions for integrating advertisement links into your existing site for additional income potential.
  4. Traffic: Focus on driving traffic to your site.  You can not increase your customer base by sitting and waiting.  You need to optimize your site for search engines (SEO, search engine optimization) so it ranks well when web users search the internet.  Posting links to your site on relevant web sites and advertising by newsletters, business cards, and through personal contacts all work to improve traffic to your site.  Submitting your web site address to various search engines across the internet will help improve your overall traffic flow as well.  Janzos Solutions provides consultation and implementation help on search engine optimization.

Following the simple strategy outlined above can help kick start your online business in no time.  Janzos Solutions provides technical consultation and services in all of the areas above.  If you are overwhelmed or just starting out, contact us and let us help you start making money online.

Apple iWeb vs Adobe Dreamweaver, depends on your skill level

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Apple iWeb is a great software solution for the beginner or amateur web site developer who wants to put  up a web site quickly.  Unfortunately it has some limitations on customization, and cross browser presentation.  On the other hand, Adobe Dreamweaver provides all the advanced features and flexibility to develop any type of web site possible, but it comes with a steep learning curve for the average user.  Both software solutions are suitable for web developers depending on the type of content and purpose of the web site being developed.

Apple's iWeb is excellent for quick digital photo sites, blogs, informational sharing, or personal pages.  It allows you to get your web site up and running quickly with full preview support in your default browser, and options to allow you to publish directly to your server of choice.  There is a plethora of options available that allow you to customize the look and feel of your site.  This includes fonts, colors, opacity and object variations that enables a "design by look" approach rather than the typical "code and preview" approach other software solutions provide.

After your site is designed in iWeb, you start to see the limitations.  It is very unintuitive to include customized features such as Javascript, AJAX code, mySQL directives, or any type of dynamic HTML.  Also, you will need to check your web site with several different browsers and versions.  Firefox and Safari are the best for viewing iWeb pages, internet explorer does not always render pages correctly, especially if you use opacity options on your background colors.  Due to these low lights, iWeb is not an ideal solution for the advanced user, or for someone who requires a site with both a sleek look and feel, as well as providing instant user feedback through dynamic controls.  This is where a software package such as Adobe Dreamweaver comes in.

Adobe's Dreamweaver software is by far the most advanced solutions for designing web sites that can handle content ranging from personal web sites and blogs to the development of Fortune 500 companies web site portals.  This makes Dreamweaver a clear choice for the above average or power user.  Live preview features work for javascript, AJAX, PHP, and even database functions.  There are many options and features available to help design a web site, but it does require basic knowledge of HTML, and and understanding of web concepts such as headers, tags, etc.  This makes the learning curve for entry level web programmers very steep and intimidating.  Once past the learning curve, the amount of features and flexibility will win you over.

In the end, both solutions are suitable for web site design.  The choice will depend on your skill level and targeted web site audience.  If you are looking for a large amount of flexibility and support for the latest dynamic HTML and AJAX content, then Dreamweaver is the clear choice.  If your desire is to quickly design and launch a basic website, iWeb clearly wins in this category.

If you prefer to let profesionals help you design your web site, please check our sevices as Janzos Solutions Services page.  We offer affordable web site design, hosting and custom software development. Launches

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Janzos Solutions recently launched the web site to help inform beginning and intermediate investors on basic investing strategies and methods.  Articles on the site explain concepts such as dividend investing, why dollar cost averaging works to one's advantage, as well as other articles explaining standard investment terminology.  Visit to enhance your investing knowledge and skills.

Janzos Solutions offers Logo and Graphics Design

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Logo and graphic design are now the latest services offered by Janzos Solutions.  Our experienced graphic artists will develop customized logos or graphics for your website, company, or letterhead.  Visit our Janzos Solutions site or our Contact Page and give us a call.  We look forward to working hand in hand to develop the ideal logo or graphic for your needs.